About Phoenix Rising Tour Company: 

  About Us:
Phoenix Rising Tour Company aims to provide the most comprehensive, entertaining, and engaging tour experience possible. Participants will be presented with  a historically accurate overview of downtown’s origin, knowledge of our iconic and precious landmarks, and a taste of the places and people that make Downtown Phoenix unique.  
Our guides and employees are Arizona natives, residents, and Phoenicians with a passion for sharing Downtown Phoenix’s history, culture, and community. 
 ​ The Inspiration for our Tour Company:  
  "Downtown Phoenix" by J. Seth Anderson, Jim McPherson and Suad Mahmuljin,  serves as the inspiration for our tour company.  The book is filled with images of special places and stories that perfectly capture the incredible evolution of the urban heart of the desert valley.  We hope to bring this book to life by showing you the many wonderful gems pocketed throughout Downtown Phoenix that speak not only to where our city has been, but also where it is going!

"Downtown Phoenix" 
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Meet our Team

Jill Johnson 
Denise Minter
Natalie Young
Jill Johnson is manager and tour guide at Phoenix Rising Tour Company. 
Jill, a native Arizonan, has a passion for sharing downtown Phoenix’s history, culture, and community. 
Jill has years of experience working in downtown Phoenix and as a U.S. tour guide. Read more about Jill's story here .
Denise joins the Phoenix Rising management team as an experienced educator, tour professional, and event facilitator.  A “transplanted Phoenician” originally from the Midwest, Denise has great  enthusiasm for the vibrancy of the US’s 6th largest city, and brings to the team her penchant as an active arts advocate and cultural connoisseur.
 As a native Arizonan who has lived within 15 minutes of downtown Phoenix all her life, Natalie has witnessed the evolution and growth of the downtown area for the last two decades. Natalie has a deep appreciation for the history, culture, and quirks of her urban home, and she cannot wait to share these unique stories with all of our patrons.
Nikki Armstrong
Andrian McGhee
Sergio Rimola
Originally from Ohio, Nikki has lived in the Valley of the Sun for nearly twenty years. She currently resides in the Willo Historic District and makes frequent visits downtown to local restaurants, watering holes, and entertainment venues. Nikki's interest in both historic preservation and sharing the love of her adopted hometown of Phoenix led her to Phoenix Rising Tours.
Andrian is a 3rd generation native Phoenician. She has several personal stories about the development and growth of Downtown Phoenix. She intertwines her own history while giving the Downtown Phoenix History & Highlights Walking Tour. When not giving tours she loves to spend time with her 3 kids, driving for Lyft and being a local foodie when possible.
 Sergio is a proud native Arizonan & former U.S. Marine who loves to share his passion for the beauty, history, legend & lore of Arizona especially downtown Phoenix. You can usually catch him at one of our many music venues or kayaking in one of our beautiful lakes. 
Charles Roth
Braxton Hynes
Stacey Stevenson
Charles has been a resident of Arizona since 1992 and is former Army Officer who has always been a great enthusiast of history where ever he was stationed in the world. He now welcomes the opportunity to share with guests of Phoenix Rising Tour Company the colorful history of Arizona, and Phoenix in particular. Visitors will find Phoenix to be an incredibly vibrant city with a diverse and fascinating history. 
Braxton grew up in Oro Valley, Arizona, but has considered Phoenix home since moving there 7 years ago. She is an avid localist and loves immersing herself in the community and sharing it with others. She has participated in city walking tours across the globe - from San Fransisco to Berlin - and is excited to now lead tours of her beloved Phoenix!
Stacey is originally from Birmingham, England and has lived in the USA since 2001, and Arizona since 2005. Living north of the downtown area has its benefits but being used to the city the downtown area is a huge draw. Entertainment, food, museums, local art....what’s not to love about Downtown Phoenix? It has a lot to offer that’s both historic and fun! 
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